Checking Up on Gallery Events

I try to make a point to go to the local art gallery at least once per month.  I have always loved art, and I quite often find myself spending hours looking through the exhibits.  The reason I only make it there once per month is because I used to go there everyday, and didn’t have a life beyond art.

But, when I am there, I make sure to pickup the brochure that lists all the events for the next month to make sure that I catch everything that is of interest to me.  I have been to exhibit opening nights, exclusive suppers with the artists, and even had the opportunity to setup an exhibit once.

Looking through the brochure for the next month, I was excited to see that there will be a Banksy art sale later on in the month, and I will just have to attend it.  There are a couple of his works that I would like to add to my collection, and that day may be the one opportunity that I will have to do it.

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