Driving Instructor Franchise

Driving instructor franchises are great ways of helping the individual instructor have their own business with the same support and advantages they would enjoy if they worked with the big driving schools. Plenty of people want to learn to drive and this has led to the rise of driving instructors who set up on their own. Everything seems fine but they soon begin to realise that trying to find more pupils and deal with car problems is a lot harder than they first thought. Most driving schools will replace their cars every six months or so but the individual trader just cannot afford to do this. Another thing that dogs the progress of single instructors are the hefty insurance payments required on both the vehicle and its learner occupant.

All of these problems can just fade away if an independent instructor joins one of the new driving instructor franchises. These franchises make the task of teaching people to drive so much easier than going it alone. Being part of a driving instructor franchise is just like having your own business but without a lot of the hassles and with a great deal of benefits. You can have all the advantages of the old fashioned schools, yet still be your own boss with one of these franchises. The main reason more people are setting up their own businesses is because they are tired of being at the beck and call of a boss who may not have their experience and attributes.

Joining a driving school franchise is your first step on the ladder to business and financial freedom, from now on you will be able to make your own decisions. With a franchise there is no set schedule, you can work at the times that suit you best providing you put in the hours needed to make the franchise a success. Even if you have never had any formal training as a driving instructor you can still join a driving school franchise. This is because many driving schools offer a full service package and you can be working straight away without the need for training first.

When you purchase a franchise you will have full control of your own business but with a level of support that most small business owners do not have. The school takes care of all the details leaving you to get on with the business of earning a good income. Why should you join a franchise? You should join a driving instructor’s franchise because of the level of support this type of structure offers a small business owner. The driving instructor’s franchise is run by an experienced management team who will provide you with an ongoing client list, updated on a regular basis. The other thing that you get with the franchise is a car with full insurance and dual controls. If you are an ADI or a PDI then joining a driving school franchise could mean a whole new way of life for you and your family.

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