Expanding Our Services

My wife runs a tailor service out of our home.  She has always been quite the seamstress and it seemed natural for her to pursue that as a business venture.

Usually, most of her services involve hemming pants, patching them, and other clothing alterations.  She does quite enjoy these tasks, but sometimes I can tell that she would like a real challenge.

Just the other day, we had a customer who brought in ten canvas wall tentsthat needed patching.  You could see the excitement in her eyes that she would be getting to do something that she normally would never do.  You can tell that she misses having variety in her business but enjoys it every chance she gets.

The customer was very impressed that she did such a great job and he promised to bring in more tents for her to fix as he had not met anyone that did the quality of work she did.  That just made her day!

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