Last Minute Booking

I wanted to do give something special to my wife for mother’s day – not something dumb like a new spoon.  She is a very good mother to our children, and I think that she deserves a present fitting of a good mother.

What I wanted to do was surprise her with a vacation for the two of us away from the kids for a much needed break – we both work jobs and are parents too.

So, I have been looking online for some sort of travel package that she would enjoy.  She always talks about the time that she went on a cruise so I thought that it could be a good idea.

I was able to book us on a Celebrity Cruises ship for a two week cruise in October.  I know that it is a ways off yet, but once she sees what she will be getting for a present, she will be excited.  I will be too, as I have never gone on a cruise ship before in my life – it will be a first for me.

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Catering Job Interview

With the loss of my job recently, I have been hunting to find a new one.  Sure, I have some savings, but quite honestly, it won’t last forever.

Since I have been having little success applying for jobs that I typically do (I have mostly worked in retail), I have been applying for other types of jobs that I can find.  I have applied for positions at an oil change garage, a janitor at a school, garbage truck driver, and even cab driver.  Sadly, none of the places that I applied at gave me a call.

I was just about to give up, when I received a phone call from a food cateringservice.  I guess that I must have dropped off my resume, and they were calling to see if I could come in for an interview.

The interview is tomorrow, so I should do some laundry before then so that I am ready.  Wish me luck!

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